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Stay Strong Music Friends

Chocolate. Coffee. Baking. Fitness. Blanket Forts. Movie Nights. This is the face of quarantine on social media. It looks pretty cool. And maybe it is. But maybe it's also not. We don't see the extra weight we may have put on, the frustration at our lack of control of our everyday lives, the disappointment of missing out on many exciting plans, or how much we miss our friends. It's safe to say there can be good and bad in any situation.

While quarantine looks a little different to everyone, we are in a shared experience. So, whatever your experience is, it's 100 percent valid and I'm pretty sure no one is keeping score. Above all, we are looking to take care of our friends, family and neighbors. We are an amazing nation and we are seeing beautiful things on a huge scale and on a tiny scale in our communities, neighborhoods, and homes. Even musical instrument manufactures are changing gears to lend a hand. D'Addario normally makes drum heads, and they have switched gears for the time being to create personal protective equipment. They are producing some mighty fine looking face shields.

Here at Giacoletti Music Center we are so happy to be seeing our students weekly, and watching them thrive musically at this time. We are all facing challenges of cabin fever, moments of worry and uncertainty, sometimes high levels of boredom and other times utter overwhelm, saddled up close to moments of feeling nothing. at. all. But, we are also seeing incredible resiliency and musical growth and maturity in our students of all ages. Students who are digging in and challenging themselves. Students who are doubling and tripling their usual practice times. Others, our youngest members, are showing us that even though they are small, they are mighty. We knew that all along, but way to exceed expectations you guys!

It's only fair to say, that some of our families are in survival mode, and music is a part of their lives, but maybe it can't be at the forefront right now. And you know what? That's totally fine. Because life and music is has an ebb and flow. So if your family is "ebbing" right now, no worries. Keep doing you thing. Keep showing up. Music is cumulative and every experience is adding up. Your child's mind is creating pathways that will be there forever, and you are supporting that incredible opportunity.

It's because of all of our fabulous families, that Team Giacoletti is encouraged everyday we get to "go" to work and thrive in our new online teaching forums. We believe we will come out of this stronger on the other side and with a new appreciation of many things--Everyday freedoms, a trip to the beach, a handshake or hug, and going to the grocery store without a mask. Oh, and don't forget, Chocolate. Coffee. Baking. Fitness. Blanket Forts. Movie Nights.

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