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Summer Fun @ Giacoletti Music

Summer has it's own rhythm. Vacations, summer camps, out of town visitors...it stays light later, evenings at the beach, bonfires with the sounds of a guitar or ukulele playing in the background. Summer is also a very exciting season at Giacoletti Music with three special events! First, this year we will have our Summer Awards Recital on Saturday, July 20th, 10am. This is an opportunity for us to recognize students for the outstanding work that they put in all year. Please extend an invitation to friends and family early so they can save the date. We love to celebrate our student's accomplishments--the more the merrier! Students will also have the opportunity to be paired up with another

We Love a Recital

We are happy to be able to offer two formal performance opportunities for students each year. This year our summer recital is July 20th at 10am. We know that performance experiences help students grow, mature, and to gain poise. They are opportunities to celebrate all their hard work. And to celebrate the dedication of parents and guardians as well. Making musicians requires a lot of support. Parents, students and teachers work together to reach milestones and we need to take the time to acknowledge that. Recitals are celebrations! Students will receive annual awards at this recital, so it is a great time to invite friends and family to come and listen to your child play, and to allow th


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