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Ukulele Summer Camp

We can't wait to get your kiddo playing the ukulele! In one week students will learn songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley-think Three Little Birds :), and other fun summer vibe-y songs. They will learn to accompany each other on drums and other percussion instruments as well. A mini hip band in one week's time! Skills taught: Reading tabs Reading chord charts Reading rhythm and strumming patterns Playing with a group Bonus--All kinds of fun and memories made with new friends! #Carlsbad #Oceanside #Vista #SanMarcos #CampPendelton #SummerCamp #Ukulele #PIano #Lessons #Drums

All American Music Summer Camp

New camp for 2019! All American Music Summer Camp was created to get kids excited! Excited kids are great music students. We partner with parents in raising up musically literate students. We want students to be inspired by the greats to so they are fired up about singing and playing music. Once engaged, students will drive themselves to greatness. Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration! Joe Welnick was once a student at Giacoletti Music, and he got inspired. His inspiration took him to Humbolt State to get a piano performance degree, and then it led him to New Orleans. He'll be in town for a few weeks this summer to give back to the music community were he got started. Give him


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