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Summer Recital--Coming Soon!

Recital Made Easy

1. Come for a good time on time :) The recital will begin promptly at 10am--please arrive at least 15 minutes early and check in with your teacher, take a program, and find a seat. Students will sit with their families. The July 9th, 2022 summer recital will be at The Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011

2. Dress for success-"Recital Attire" or "Hawaiian Print": For "Recital Attire" please choose slacks, button down, neck tie, nice shoes for gentlemen, and knee length or longer dress/skirt, covered shoulders, and flats for the ladies. For "Hawaiian Print" please choose a Hawaiian print shirt or outfit. As always, please mind the length of dresses and skirts to provide modesty while seated on stage.

3. Students may bring up to 10 attendees in total. ie. If there are 2 children performing then they may bring a total of 8 guests.

4. Appropriate performance protocol: Walk onto the stage and take a bow as the audience claps to welcome the performer to the stage. Student plays their piece and bows after the performance and audience claps again. Students exit the stage.

5. Bring your books, even if you are playing from memory. It's a good habit to always be prepared.

6. While not required, it is customary for students to receive flowers from friends and family after a performance.

7. Please plan to stay for a little bit after the recital to congratulate performers and teachers on the patio, where light refreshments will be available.


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