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Let's Go To Guild!

Piano Guild Auditions 2023

Do NOT skim this read. Doing so may lead to uncomfortable & embarrassing situations. Reading it will lead to unexpected joy & delight.

We are so excited to be approaching our Piano Guild dates! For many students, this will be their first in-person audition. Here is what your Guild day might look like.

  • Students will be greeted by a Giacoletti teacher upon arrival at the event at the Steinway Piano Gallery 9222 Miramar Road, San Diego 92126 (In Miramar) When it is the student’s turn, the student will be introduced to the judge and go into the performance hall to begin their one to one audition. Parents and caregivers will wait outside, and may listen at the door if they choose to. When the audition is over, the student will come out of the room, most likely relieved and at least a little impressed by their own performance, be congratulated by the teacher, and then they are free to leave. Audition times vary, so please reach out if you have any questions about how long your child’s audition is.

  • Students may feel nervous energy. We call it music energy. It’s the body and mind preparing to give an awesome performance. Let them voice their feelings about it, acknowledge their feelings, and then direct the conversation to something else. ie. Summer plans or getting a treat after the auditions. I encourage you to not bribe your child with treats “if they play” or ”if they do well”, but tell them you are going to go celebrate them after the performance.

Helpful tips:

  1. Bring your music books

  2. Arrive 15 minutes early and allow for traffic.

  3. Judges are typically right on time or a little early.

  4. Dress for success. No athletic shoes or Doc Martin style shoes with skirts or dresses. This is not the venue for this fashion. Think more traditionally. Dresses and skirts should be knee length or longer. Bare shoulders and heeled shoes are to be avoided. Gentlemen should wear a button down shirt at the least, but a neck tie will be noticed and appreciated by the judge. Dress shoes are preferred. Athletic shoes should be avoided, but Vans or Converse style shoes are ok. It will be a good day to have a brush on hand also, so hair neat and tidy.

  5. Come well rested

  6. Eat a light snack and drink water

Your Guild Checklist:

  • Music books

  • Extra snack

  • Water

  • Brush

  • Positive and light-hearted attitude (for parents).

  • Depending on where you are coming from please leave at least 1 hour before your scheduled time —Steinway Piano Gallery 9222 Miramar Road, San Diego 92126 (In Miramar)

Finally, students who have prepared for the auditions are to be commended! They have learned to set goals, to practice—even when it is pushing them outside of their comfort zones, and to see an event through to completion. These are lifelong skills that will come easier to some people, and take more effort for others. This type of program helps students (and their families) to become resilient, to achieve goals, and to plan for greatness. In these students, together with their family, we are developing skills that create strong individuals who can rise to the occasion and surpass expectations. You all are amazing!

You all have not just one piano teacher for your child, but a team of dedicated teachers cheering you on. We are all proud of what your child has accomplished already, just in planning to participate, practicing to get all of the materials learned, and in your preparation for the event. Completing the auditions awards students a one year membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, Student Division of American College of Musicians! All students will be recognized at the recital, where they will be awarded a certificate, report card, and special pin. Did I mention how proud we are of your kids? Way to GO!


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