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Online Lessons for the Win!

I have a confession to make...I think online lessons are amazing. Grateful to teach my students, and that they aren't going to miss their annual Piano Guild Auditions this year. They will level up, they will earn their pins and certificates, and we will get feedback in their report cards. They will be performing remotely, but they will be performing! All of Giacoletti Music students will have an opportunity to play at our annual summer recital, and though the venue is different (...coming to you straight from their living rooms!) the songs are the same! The families in attendance will be even greater, since distance is no longer an issue. Vacationing and out of town students can participate as well!

Due to students being online, the youngest students are owning their music education like previous student's didn't have the need to. They are developing habits now, that will serve them for their entire lives. Students are gaining skills that will help them with all forms of online and remote learning--which may come in handy in the near future. There are 7 (and 70) year olds who are handling their media devices like seasoned pros. They are learning musicianship, just like they would in person, they are analyzing musical scores, just like they would in person, and they are playing scales and technique, just like they would in person. They are learning theory, counting rhythms, and learning notes, and it's all theirs.

Another benefit of online lessons is that students don't miss lessons, since they can attend remotely no matter how many hiccups may pop up. No ride to the studio, no problem. A family member or the student has a cold, no problem. Consistent lessons = consistent progress. Families are sharing that online lessons are so convenient and they appreciate that there hasn't been a break in lessons. Things have been so uncertain these days, and having some form of normalcy is welcome. And this is to say nothing of the health benefits you gain from participating in music. We'll save that for another day.

So, if you have a child in lessons now, don't be worried that things aren't as they used to be. Be encouraged for all the positive things we are seeing now. There are a lot of positive side effects to online lessons, and I for one, am happy to find that silver lining. If you are an adult student, know you hold a special place in our week, and we appreciate you. You are all impressing us.

If you are thinking about lessons for yourself or one of your kids, please don't hesitate any longer. There are so many good things going on, and we want you to be a part of it! We are ready to teach you to make music and have fun! And, I'd take a wager that you too will find that online lessons are amazing!


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