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Recital Protocol

It is a nice opportunity for students of all ages to have the chance to perform what they have been working on for a warm and welcoming audience. Students have the opportunity to share what they are learning, and to receive positive feedback.

Performance protocol is that students approach the stage, bow, perform their piece, and bow again before leaving the stage. This gives the audience the opportunity to welcome the performer to the stage, and for the performer to get ready to perform. Of course, students love to hear applause after a job well done as well.

Since it is a more formal recital, traditional recital clothes are most appropriate. This can be as simple as black pants, and shoes, and a white shirt, for ladies and gentlemen, or a suit for gentlemen and a nice dress for ladies.

Skirts and dresses should be at least knee length, and heels on shoes should be avoided. It is important for performers to feel comfortable, and to not have obstacles to getting on stage, or having to worry about the length of clothing during a performance.

We are so glad you can be a part of our recital, and we hope this answers any questions you have. If you have any other questions you can post in the comments below and we will answer them there, or please feel free to reach out to your teacher or the school for more details.


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