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Bonfires Ahead

Maybe it's because we've seen nearly as many rainy days as sunny days lately, but I am truly celebrating the arrival of spring! Spring is a time to get out and get the yard put back together to prepare for the good times of summer that are right around the corner. If you are starting to have these seasonal thoughts, let me encourage you to go with it. And don't just spruce up the yard, spruce up you too!

If you get started in lessons now, you can be ready for those fire pit sessions with some ukulele or guitar strumming. I bet if you start strumming, someone will start singing, and that simple back yard BBQ or beach bonfire will turn into something magical.

So, if learning to play is something you've just started thinking about, or something you've always wanted to do, give us a call or email us. You can relax knowing we have caring instructors who will get you started in making music, and you can stop thinking and start doing. The only thing left to do will be firing up that grill.

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