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We've Got This

Sure 2020 wasn't my favorite year on record, but as we bid it adieu, we can recognize and be thankful for the silver linings that came our way. Maybe we got more family time and gained a greater appreciation for our regular lives. It's likely that 2020 shifted a lot of priorities, some for the better.

There was a period where we were all like kids, wide eyed, and trying to figure out what was happening. That feeling made me think of something I heard Mr. Rogers say. When he saw something scary in the news, his mom told him to look for the helpers. I love that sentiment and I have held onto that this year. 2020 showed us that we have a vibrant community with many people being the helpers that dear Mr. Rogers reminded us to look for in unsettling times.

Seeing that there are different ways to help, the Giacoletti Music team wants to do what we can to be the helpers. Whether we can deliver something to you, or serve you via curbside pickup, we are happy to do what we can. We are offering in studio or online lessons,

whichever is preferred.

So as we move into 2021, know that you have a team of people, at the studio and online, that want to brighten your day, encourage your musical skills, and have fun doing it! We are looking forward to the time when we can all be in studio again (except those of you who love online lessons and want to stay there) or at live in person recitals; but in the meantime, lots of other good things are happening. We've got this. Let's Play!


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