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A Little History

Giacoletti Music first began bringing music lessons to students in Carlsbad in 1978. Bob and Eleanor Giacoletti purchased what was then a Yahama Music School, and began the legacy of Giacoletti Music. After a few years on State St. The Giacolettis expanded and moved into their second location, a little further south, still on State St. and the corner of Carlsbad Village Dr., where they remained from 1982 until present.

Over the years the Giacolettis had many students. There are even second generation students who were children of the earliest students who learned to play various instruments at the school. Through the years there were also many teachers. One of those teachers was Melinda Polino. In the 90's Mrs. Polino began teaching piano with the Giacolettis after she graduated from college. In her interview, she told Eleanor she hoped one day she might own Giacoletti Music.

Fast forward to this year. After working independently for nearly 20 years, Mrs. Polino found out that Mrs. Giacoletti was selling the business. As they say, the rest is history. Mrs. Giacoletti and Mrs. Polino looked for a new location for the school, one that was freeway close, without many traffic lights between it and the freeway. A location that was updated and would be a comfortable space for the business to continue to offer excellence in music education to North County residents. Together, Mrs. Giacoletti and Mrs. Polino are looking forward to the new space and continuing to be open to change when it is what is best for the students. Here's to another 40 years!