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Here to Help

We love the opportunity to partner with parents and guardians to help support a child’s musical growth. We recognize that everyone has varied learning strengths and learning differences.  We have a team who is not only patient, but also who understands that individuals learn at different rates, and in different ways. We know the mind responds to novelty, so we introduce new musical concepts in a variety of ways to ensure students have a complete understanding before moving on to new concepts. We use games, manipulatives, and a variety of instruments to teach for mastery. 


Our staff has ongoing experience working with students of all kinds. If you have a child who is sensitive, on the autism spectrum, or a child with ADHD, ADD or other learning or behavior differences, we would love to meet your family.  Our team also works with adults who identify with various learning styles as well.  Please text us to set up a free assessment.


Our school director personally matches students to teachers to ensure students have a personalized music lessons experience. Your goals are our goals. And if you don’t have specific goals in mind, we will direct your studies and introduce you or your child to many different types of music. We can’t wait to meet you!

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