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💯 recommend! All three of my kids take lessons here and the teachers and support staff are AMAZING! Thank goodness we found @giacolettimusic!

If you want to learn to play, this is a fantastic place to learn and enjoy the music!

Needed to get a trumpet for my son on short notice, the staff was friendly and accommodating. I was in and out in a few minutes with everything I needed.  I would use their services again.

I have taken piano lessons with the school director, Melinda Polino for about a decade now. She has been an amazing teacher these past years and I will be forever grateful for the impact she's had in my life! She has provided me an appreciation of music, the ability to perform in front of an audience with confidence and so much more. Every summer I would perform for the National Piano Playing Auditions. This required memory of 7-10 songs and 3-5 skills to showcase for a judge. I was assessed on my playing and provided with direct feedback. It was a rigorous experience but I believe it has given me a strong work ethic and the tools necessary to tackle a stressful project. Giacoletti Music is a wonderful business. The teachers truly care about their students and want them to succeed.

PHENOMENAL place for both instruments and lessons! I found Giacoletti via great reviews on Yelp...I went there solely to purchase a Ukulele and left with some of the best music lessons I’ve ever had. Cannot say enough great things about this place and their teachers!!!

I'm so glad we found Melinda and her awesome crew at Giacoletti. My oldest daughter is learning ukulele and guitar with Brian, he is super cool and a really great teacher. My son and younger daughter are learning drums with Roger, he is super patient and encourages my kids to be proud of what they learn and do here in music class. They've also tried the drum night/drum groups with multiple students, where they get to rock out, make friends and learn new instruments. Our time here has been so informative and uplifting to my little family. 100% recommend for anyone, young or old to try a new instrument.

I have been taking lessons for a little over a year. I am a retired senior who has always wanted to learn the piano. I was so happy to find Melinda at Giacoletti. She is very encouraging and doesn't have a negative vibe in her body. I love going to my lessons. I have learned a lot in the short time. I would highly recommend this music studio! Everyone is friendly and helpful!

I searched all around town for drum sticks because guitar center was too far for me. This is the only music store who sold them and even had a few to choose from. The store is very nice and the staff was great!

I am in my 30s and taking piano lessons for the first time here. I actually used Yelp to request a quote, the process was so easy and the staff are super responsive. My piano teacher is patient, engaging, and wicked talented! I love that she has a great dance in music taste and lets me bring that into class too! There are mostly kids that take classes here, and all the staff have made me feel super comfortable in taking up piano as an adult! I started taking classes to alleviate the stress of working full time and being a full time doctoral student. For 30 minutes a week, it's my me time building a skill not related to school or work!

Ukulele date night with my daughter was so much fun! The teacher Brian was cool, funny and patient. My daughter walked in never having played an instrument and walked out understanding how to read music AND playing "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Mary had a little lamb" She was over the moon excited and so proud of herself! It made me very proud! She has found her lane- MUSIC! She will start lessons here in January! I can't wait to start her musical journey here!

Our daughter has been taking piano lessons here at Giacolleti Music for almost 5 years now and she loves it. Mrs. Polino and her staff are great with the children and they communicate well with the parents. The studio is a great learning environment for the children. The recitals are a great learning experience for the children also. Helps them to get over their fear of being in front of crowd of people. Money well spent I would say. We will continue taking lessons here for the foreseeable future, probably until our daughter graduates. They also have lessons for adults. Highly recommend to anyone looking into playing music.

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