Molly Smith

Voice & Piano Instructor

Miss Molly is a voice and piano instructor. She has a caring and compassionate teaching style and students have a great time learning from her. She teaches all ages of students and students thrive under her instruction. Molly is passionate about teaching students how to "sing with their whole body".  Molly is approachable and fun, and her students are advancing and landing roles in local musical theater productions.

Antonio Hurtado

Guitar & Ukulele Instructor

Antonio has always been enthusiastic about sharing music with others.  He has an easy going personality that puts students at ease.  Although he is most passionate about jazz, he is happy teaching students any style of guitar they are most interested in.  We are excited to have Antonio as a part of the team.

Cindy Lee Barryhill

Guitar & Ukulele Instructor

Since joining our team 13 years ago, Cindy Lee has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to her position as one of our string instructors. Cindy Lee is a singer songwriter who is known in the community for regular performances at various venues.   Cindy Lee enjoys working with students of all ages, and she is a highly sought after guitar and ukulele instructor. You can also catch Cindy Lee hanging out at the studio on Friday nights leading our well received "Ukulele Date Night".

Roy Good

Ukulele Instructor

For many people when they think Giacoletti Music, they think of Roy Good. Roy has been a fantastic and loyal employee of Giacoletti Music for many years.  He has worn many hats at Giacoletti, and the one he wears most now is that of ukulele instructor.  You can find Roy teaching both group and private lessons, as well as an occasional Saturday Strum drop-in class.  Roy's warm and friendly teaching personality can help anyone break into playing the ukulele.  Students are always left wanting more.  So grateful to have Roy Good on the team!

Roger Karlsson

Drum Instructor

Roger is our resident drum instructor.  He is enthusiastic about teaching children and adults how to play the drums.  He believes it is never too late to learn an instrument or to follow your dreams. Roger is known for his contagious optimistic and upbeat personality.  He will have you playing drums in no time, and loving every minute of it.

Students are enjoying playing on our drum teams with Roger.  He brings all different kinds of drumming opportunities to his students in these 30 minute drum and rhythm workshops.  Drumming helps students develop into well rounded musicians, and we are glad to have Roger here to support our students!

Melinda Polino

Piano Instructor and School Director

After years of year of teaching in a private studio, Melinda is back at Giacoletti Music, this time as a piano instructor, as well as the school director.  Melinda brings many years of teaching experience to the team at Giacoletti.  She is the Chairperson for The American College of Musicians for Oceanside, as well as a certified teacher and Hall of Fame member of the National Piano Guild.  


Melinda returned to Giacoletti Music as an educator determined to pass on valuable knowledge and skills to our students.  She believes that music is for everyone, and is excited for the opportunity to reach our community with music.  She is continuing to build a team of educators who love music and love to share it with their students.

Tzytle Steinman

Voice and Piano Instructor

Tzytle comes to us from a referral of a friend where she works at the San Diego Opera! We are excited for the expertise that she brings in teaching voice lessons in all styles--musical theater, classical and pop! Tzytle has performed in various roles all over the country, from San Diego to Illinois to Massachusetts. We are excited to have her as a part of our team!

Marie Wampler

Piano Instructor

Marie Wampler has been with Giacoletti Music for over 20 years. Marie is a seasoned instructor who loves to customize her student's lessons to fit their personalities.  She has a loyal following, and she looks forward to teaching her students each week.  Marie is a member of the American College of Musicians and she offers her students the opportunity to perform in the annual National Piano Guild Auditions each year. Giacoletti is grateful to have such a dedicated teacher as a part of the team.


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