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Heidi Fleishbeim

 Strings and Piano

San Diego native Heidi Fleischbein is a passionate music educator with a specialty in piano and strings. Ms. Heidi has been involved in music her entire life, starting lessons at the age of 3. Over the years, she learned to play 5 instruments: piano, harp, violin, viola, and cello, eventually receiving her degree in Music Education. Her dream is to share her love and knowledge of music with students by teaching them to perform a wide variety of genres with great musical detail while working together and having lots of fun!

Marie Wampler


Marie Wampler has been with Giacoletti Music for over 20 years. Marie is a seasoned instructor who loves to customize her student's lessons to fit their personalities.  She has a loyal following, and she looks forward to teaching her students each week.  Marie is a member of the American College of Musicians and she offers her students the opportunity to perform in the annual National Piano Guild Auditions each year. Giacoletti is grateful to have such a dedicated teacher as a part of the team.

Cindy Lee Berryhill

Roy Good 


For many people when they think Giacoletti Music, they think of Roy Good. Roy has been a fantastic and loyal employee of Giacoletti Music for many years.  He has worn many hats at Giacoletti, and the one he wears most now is that of ukulele instructor.  You can find Roy teaching both group and private lessons, as well as an occasional Saturday Strum drop-in class.  Roy's warm and friendly teaching personality can help anyone break into playing the ukulele.  Students are always left wanting more.  So grateful to have Roy Good on the team!

Melinda Polino


After years of year of teaching in a private studio, Melinda is back at Giacoletti Music, this time as a piano instructor, as well as the school director and owner.  Melinda brings many years of teaching experience to the team at Giacoletti.  She is the Chairperson for The American College of Musicians for Oceanside.


She returned to Giacoletti Music as an educator determined to pass on valuable knowledge and skills to our students and have fun doing it! She is excited for the opportunity to reach our community with music and be a part of helping people reach their goals.  She is continuing to build a team of educators who love music and love to share it with their students.

Brian Fleck

Guitar, Ukulele, and Banjo

Brian Fleck has been part of the Giacoletti Team since 2010. He studied Classical Guitar under Fred Benedetti at San Diego State University and graduated with a B.A. in performing Arts in 2007. Learning the techniques of guitar have been the foundation of lessons he provides. He understands that string instruments take time to learn and provides the right repertoire to build strength while engaging his students to play what they really enjoy about music. 


Brian has performed with Rock, Classical, Blues, Country, Church, and Reggae artists. He’s a very well rounded musician with a background in many styles. Many of the groups he’s performed with (in S.D.) have been nominated for San Diego Music Awards. Now in Tennessee, he teaches virtually for Giacoletti Music and brings excitement, knowledge, and a love for music to all he works with.

steven stratocaster

Guitar, Drums, and Ukelele

Steven Stratocaster is not a guitar --- he is a man; a man who will teach you how to play a Stratocaster or any other guitar you want! Head over to Giacolletti's to sign up for some lessons!

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